Hakomi is a gentle, yet highly effective, method of mindful, embodied, self-discovery and transformation. 


Here’s What You Need to Know About the Method:

Hakomi is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is in fact unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are no longer relevant, true or necessary. The method is designed to bring such beliefs into consciousness. Hakomi is a method of assisted self-study and discovery. It can bring normally inaccessible mental processes into consciousness gently and efficiently. Once these mental processes (such as beliefs, memories, habits and emotions) are made conscious, they can be examined and modified to provide a more realistic and satisfying way of being.

-Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder 

The Hakomi Method is informed by five Principles:

  • Nonviolence: a commitment to respect and loving regard.

  • Mindfulness: the value of being genuinely aware of exactly what is happening.

  • Unity: an inclusive awareness of the interrelatedness of things.

  • Organicity:  trusting that each person can, and will, move and evolve according to their own inner wisdom.

  • Mind/Body/Spirit Holism: the assumption that all elements of experience are essential.


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