Hakomi is a gentle, yet highly effective, method of mindful, embodied self-discovery and transformation.  





Hakomi is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is in fact unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are no longer relevant, true or necessary. The method is designed to bring such beliefs into consciousness. Hakomi is a method of assisted self-study and discovery. It can bring normally inaccessible mental processes into consciousness gently and efficiently. Once these mental processes (such as beliefs, memories, habits and emotions) are made conscious, they can be examined and modified to provide a more realistic and satisfying way of being.

-Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder


What you can expect:

While every Hakomi session is different, there are some guiding principles to the method. 

My number-one priority in every session is to create a compassionate and non-judgmental environment where you feel safe, respected and held with unconditional positive regard. 

Regardless of where you are along your path in life, I trust that you can, and will, move and evolve according to your own inner wisdom. 

Mindfulness is a key feature of the Hakomi method. Mindfulness in Hakomi can be defined as the value of being genuinely aware of exactly what is happening. This is often accomplished by slowing down and turning your attention toward your inner experience. 

While there will be the opportunity for you to talk about your life story, challenges, or future goals, at its core, the Hakomi method is not about talking out your problems. It won’t be a long, speculative conversation about your troubles or your emotional history. 

In the Hakomi framework, your emotional history, the part of it that has created the unconscious beliefs and habits with which you meet the world, is operating right now. Your history is written in the way you do things every minute. It is expressed by your style and your defining characteristics. So, you can expect that I will be looking and listening for these and will bring them to your attention as part of setting up the little experiments in mindfulness that are the core of the work.

This inner exploration can bring up intense emotions at times.  At those moments, I will work with you to contain the process, provide comfort and help you understand what’s happening. Having these strong emotions attended to in a safe, supportive and mindful way can often lead to a  corrective emotional experience that opens new avenues of what is possible in your lives. 

Because the method is based on this very direct route to unconscious material (evocative experiments in mindfulness), it is faster than most other methods. Something significant usually happens every session.

I’m a deeply practical person so at the end of each session we will review what we explored together and create a plan for how to integrate what you discovered in your session into your life.

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