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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers

Like the moon, our lives move through cycles and phases.

When we listen to, and honor the cues of our inner wisdom we can live skillfully and authentically.

However, as women, mothers and caretakers of all kinds, we tend spend a lot of time trying to figure out and meet the needs of others, while often neglecting our own.

It can start to feel like we’ve lost core parts of our authentic selves and that life is just happening to us.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

While your inner wisdom may be hard to hear right now it’s still right there waiting for you.

Just being here is a small step in the right direction.

I'm Ketriellah, a Certified Hakomi Practioner and Life Coach.

On this site you will find a lot of free resources and nuggets of wisdom (I’m adding more all the time!) that can help you to mindfully rediscover, and honor your authentic self so that you can take compassionate and sustainable steps towards creating a life that you truly love.

You have spent a lot of time working on yourself,

It’s time to start working with yourself.

Working on yourself vs. Working with yourself

Working on yourself: you are broken and one day, if you work hard enough, you will be fixed.

Working with yourself: being human is messy and always changing. Tending to yourself is an ongoing daily, minute by minute process for the rest of your life.

Working on yourself: focus is on the past or the future.

Working with yourself: focus is on your present - here and now experience.

Working on yourself: there is an ideal way to be.

Working with yourself: accepting, and dare I say even loving, your imperfections.

Working on yourself: taking cues from the outside world.

Working with yourself means: becoming more sensitive to your internal cues and wisdom.

Working on yourself : linear.

Working with yourself: Anything but linear!

Working on yourself: setbacks can be unbearable.

Working with yourself: setbacks are just part of the process.

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Ketriellah is truly a wonder.

I have been to therapy for many years and tried a variety of styles (CBT, EMDR, DBT, etc) but nothing has felt as transformative as a Hakomi session with Ketriellah. She has provided me with practical strategies to help me prioritize and organize myself, as well as spiritual strategies to help me find my own way. Ketriellah has a gift and I feel so grateful to have found her. She is warm, comforting, and authentic and has a seemingly effortless way of bringing out the warm, comfort, and authenticity in me.

Heather DiNino, mother, co-owner of Breathe and Play Every Day yoga studio.

I can help you to compassionately become aware of where you get stuck so you can finally get to where you want to go. 

You have spent a lot of time working on yourself.

I'm here to help you work with yourself.  

To schedule a free 20-30 minute chat, ask a question or just say hi, e-mail me at: