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Working with Ketriellah was a revelation for me.

The Hakomi technique of bringing mind, body, and spirit together was perfect in helping me process issues happening in my life. Ketriellah is a warm, compassionate presence with sharp insights that make me think of things in new ways. I felt like I was being listened to while also being challenged to own up and face my problems, in the most loving way. 

D.J. Komisar, Actress, Activist, Mother of 3 

Since the moment I met Ketriellah, I knew I was in the presence of someone with a gift for soul healing. With her remarkable ability to listen, offer keen insight into dilemmas, palpable sense of caring, and a wise sense of humor, I trust her counsel... What a blessing to know this woman!

Laura Wade Jaster, MA, E-RYT, CHT Founder of Spiral Yoga & Wellness Soul Sanctuary. 

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Ketriellah is truly a wonder.

I have been to therapy for many years and tried a variety of styles (CBT, EMDR, DBT, etc) but nothing has felt as transformative as a Hakomi session with Ketriellah. She has provided me with practical strategies to help me prioritize and organize myself, as well as spiritual strategies to help me find my own way. Ketriellah has a gift and I feel so grateful to have found her. She is warm, comforting, and authentic and has a seemingly effortless way of bringing out the warm, comfort, and authenticity in me. 

Heather DiNino, mother, co-owner of Breathe and Play Every Day yoga studio. 

I just wanted to take a moment to really deeply thank you, Ketreillah, for the work we have done together.  I had been putting off giving myself this attention for a long, long, long time! I really feel like you have helped shift a place in me and the best way I can describe it is like a gentle internal massage. I stop and breathe more often. I ask myself, What am I needing in this moment? more often. I take walks and think it out more often. I continue to say to myself, Take care of yourself, girl! You freak'n deserve so much! more often.  Thank you for holding my hand to get here. 

Tamar Field-Gersh, entrepreneur, mother

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Ketriellah is all you could want in a coach

- wise, compassionate, funny, insightful, creative and most of all - your own personal champion of self-acceptance! I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to work with her at a pivotal time in my life!  In a relatively short time, she helped me turn toward myself, to figure out what I really wanted and needed, and inspired me to have the courage to go after it. I am so grateful for her important influence at a crossroads of my life. I will always appreciate the precious gifts she offered me! 

D.R. Musician, Real estate agent, mother of two.

I would unequivocally recommend Ketriellah to anyone interested in exploring their inner life more deeply. Every session is unique; every session, I feel I am being met with curiosity, compassion, wisdom, and humility.  It takes a truly gifted practitioner to be able to roll with the unknown, without judgment, without an agenda, while still providing a strong container for growth.  She assisted me greatly in moving past stuck places, exploring memories and habits, and learning how to land in the present moment and be okay with myself just as I am. The work I have done with Ketriellah has been some of the most fruitful and spiritually connected self-exploration of my 36 years.  I am deeply grateful to have had her as a guide.

Anne Zager, Hakomi Graduate, MSW student

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Ketriellah’s ability to guide me toward self-awareness was uncanny.

 Her insight and wisdom not only helped me identify a personal block, but also to practically develop steps toward real change within a safe and relaxed environment.

S.E., Doula, Singer-Song Writer, Mother of Four

Working with Ketriellah has opened up new avenues of self-awareness and growth in my personal development. She has an incredible ability to hold space for whatever arises in an individual, and her natural sensitivity and curiosity allow her to gently guide the healing process. I especially appreciate how her spiritual practice informs her work. She has a deep understanding of suffering and emotional dis-ease and is able to be truly compassionate and non-judgmental.

 Elica A, Psychotherapist, Mother of three. 

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Ketriellah's gentle, respectful demeanor is wonderful,

and it helped me to feel at ease and to easily access my sensations, feelings, and thoughts.
 L.M., MA, Yoga Teacher 

Ketriellah has an extraordinary capacity to hold space for a person, whatever their situation. She has a groundedness and warmth that I am constantly inspired by. I am so grateful to have Ketriellah as a mentor, as she is someone who always holds the space for me to unfold in my own journey.

H.G., Rabbinical Student

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My experiences as a client with Ketriellah have been remarkably healing.

My experiences as a client with Ketriellah have been remarkably healing. Ketriellah has a grounded and compassionate presence that has been a place of nurturing and guidance as I have made my way through messy places inside myself. She offers great spiritual wisdom as well as down-to-earth, practical information. I don’t think there is anything I could reveal to her that would break the stream of compassion and wisdom coming toward me. To have someone accept the parts of me I could barely stand to acknowledge to myself is a life changing experience.

 - C.N.

Ketriellah offers something that many practitioners don't - a strong depth of spiritual wisdom, which she embodies both personally and professionally, combinded with a keen and solid understanding of Hakomi. This alchemy is critical in a person's growth and well-being and Ketriellah proficiently provides with grace, skill and dedication.

Merryl Rothaus LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC, CHT

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Ketriellah embodies a strong and trustworthy transformational energy 

from her own spiritual and somatic study practice. She makes this wisdom and skill available to individuals and groups who seek healing and the wholeness that is the birthright of human beings. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Mukara Meredith, MSW, President of Matrixworks: Working with Groups as Living Systems

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Ketriellah is kind, warm, present, and intuitive.

She taps into each person without pretense.  Personally, she gave me the space and time to FEEL what I was feeling.  At the end of my session, I was so grateful for her guidance and with it, the ability to find my own words for the feelings I had been suppressing.  Ketriellah suggested a non-overwhelming game plan that helped propel me away from some fears and toward my goals. I already took that advise and feel proud and optimistic!

 Shanna Lerner, Entrepreneur